"It's not a hat, it's a crime!"

Benedict Cumberbatch is an extremely talented actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is very humble and passionate about his work. Benedict Cumberbatch does some great work for charities. Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty damn flawless.
Benedict Cumberbatch can't dress himself... This blog chronicles his most endearing fashion mishaps.

Benedict Cumberbatch is free polls 

Twitter: WhataywBenedict

Which is the lesser of two evils? VOTE NOW!

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  8. nerdknitting said: Just to check- are we voting for best or worst outfit?
  9. paintingsofdogs said: i cannot fucking believe manpris didn’t make it i’m kind of upset tbh
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    there’s problems with both, but that grey mess is a crime against humanity! :)
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    I will vote for fiftyshadeofbatch for one million times! It’s just unbeatable! How can one person make all those fine...
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  19. benedikon said: That fiftyshadeofbatch is historical, and unbeatably ugly! It tells everything about Ben’s taste for fashion! I will vote for it for one million times!
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    benedICT NO
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