"It's not a hat, it's a crime!"

Benedict Cumberbatch is an extremely talented actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is very humble and passionate about his work. Benedict Cumberbatch does some great work for charities. Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty damn flawless.
Benedict Cumberbatch can't dress himself... This blog chronicles his most endearing fashion mishaps.

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I mean I would never complain about what someone is wearing while they are in rehearsals(HA!) but I am still confused to why he would be wearing trousers the size of Japan? He reminds me a bit of Patrick in Wonderfalls…

Fall into my gravity by leemmy

the first one in the set of nine isn't sherlock s3, it's from atonement. different colours and flowers.

yes, only one is from Sherlock :)

LouiseAdd: I knew I’d get one wrong! But it does look exactly the same!!!
Good job identifying all the Benedict costumes in my post, but the first one is actually from Atonement, it's just a major coincidence that it looks like the Sherlock series 3 wedding outfit! :) x

Yes I know what is this what?

hahahah oki saw L’s add on it now. I was so confused. I was like? I know…??? hahhaha But yeah, changed it in the text now too :)

In that set that was just posted can you name the movies / roles? I really want to see the whole shot for the bright blue that is in the second row far right.
Well let’s see here…
First row:
  • Paul Marshall/Astonement
  • James/Third Star
  • Guillam/Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Second row:
  • Maj. Stewart/War Horse
  • Capt Martin Crieff/Cabin Pressure
  • Frankenstein (play)/The Creature
Third row:
  • Christopher Tietjens/Parade’s End
  • John Harrison/Star Trek: Into Darkness
  • Sherlock/Sherlock S3 promo still
Whole shot of bright blue second row far right coming riiiiiight up!


Benedict Cumberbatch: Character Costumes

Which one is your favourite? I am really weak for the parka from Third Star tbh. :)





Taller than a hobbit, check. Red/orange hair, check. Mismatched outfit, check.

Ladies and gentlemen, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch!

Thank you for the sitting-down-pink-blazer picture, one of my all-time photos. How can you not want to hug him?

I know right. You just want to cuddle him real close and unbutton his pants and tear em off and then through them away.

Hey there. I was wondering if you could request some old pics of Ben wearing that pink stripy blazer with jeans and converse shoes? It's really hard finding more pics of this. Thanks :)

from here:

from here:

Check the casual tag or the archive for last year would be my tip :)


Benedict Cumberbatch US VOGUE September Issue HQ Photos

Can you like not oh god look knitted jumper oh god



and crrrrls!!!!

Have you seen that the BBC is having the first episode of the first season o Cabin Pressure up on the website? =D


Next stop

Abu Dhabi

fan pic of a pair of wonderful purple trousers and some stunner wearing em

Rarrrrrrrrr, that's one mighty nice shirt: cumberlordfb(.)tumblr(.)com/post/57882146600/pen-jp

slightly claustrophobic….

Probably this atm, regarding the last ask :)