"It's not a hat, it's a crime!"

Benedict Cumberbatch is an extremely talented actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is very humble and passionate about his work. Benedict Cumberbatch does some great work for charities. Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty damn flawless.
Benedict Cumberbatch can't dress himself... This blog chronicles his most endearing fashion mishaps.

Benedict Cumberbatch is free polls 

Twitter: WhataywBenedict

Benedict Cumberbatch attends the Variety Studio presented by Moroccanoil at Holt Renfrew during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival on September 8

Do you miss us that much…?



Benedict at the Met is already a reference photo on Wikipedia under White Tie dress code.
I presume he has also been added to all dictionaries under Dapper As Fuck.

Bless his socks. They grow up so fast

We interrupt the silence with some serious news. That is Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, AND wikipedia. They do indeed grow up so fast, rachel :)

He really has come quite far though… (gif)

What do you think of this shirt?

Well I am glad you asked. It looks good, it does, but mainly I am just thrilled that you’ve started taking fashion advice. There’s a good lad, keep asking for help. Nothing to be ashamed of, most people can’t dress themselves, so they ask for help, and improve. As you have.

Have some good batch outfits from 2013!
Some grey, burgundy, light tartan, some mismatched shoes, some awesome coats. Some plaid, some skulls on ties. Some herringbone. Some robe…. Happy holidays and a happy new year.

breaks silence

so that happened

goes back into the darkness

Well, that was anticlimactic…

Since Ben’s not attending the Emmy Awards there wont be a suit post to go out with so I guess this is it..?

Well, the blog stays up, we just wont post here any longer.

Take care, loves.

It just feels right to sign off with the Blue Suit of Seduction. That will always be my (Louise’s) favorite, forever and ever regardless of what he wears from now on. It’s just…ungh. Gorgeous and a playful color that still looks great with his eyes…ok I’ll stop now.

Least favorite is actually the winner of our WTFit competition, 50ShadesofBatch:

There are just so many layers of “NO” here. It’s like, he could have stopped at any point - it must have taken him a significant period of time to put on every piece of clothing here, so he had so many opportunities to stop, but he didn’t. God bless ‘im.

Besides those two contributions to the history of WAYWB, I just want to say THANK YOU to all our followers for being so much fun and a delight to interact with. I’ve only been part of WAYWB for a relatively short period of time compared to Emmy and Rachel, but I’ve really adored every minute of it and had tons of fun.

And a huge HUGE thank you and BIG hug to Emmy for being such a fun, fantastic co-blogger! You are a joy, my dear, and it’s been so fun internet-knowing-you! I’ll miss conspiring over BatchFits with you! xx

Lots of love and wet dreams of colorful suits from me!


What do you think of TuringBatch?

Let’s start with, I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE! But I became a teeny tiny bit less excited when I scoped out the hair situation on this guy:


(Alan Turing…obvi)

BUT, in typical Batch fashion, he actually just looks adorable:


The woman in the back is swooning so hard, she’s gonna lose her kerchief. 

But I feel like I’ve seen those pants before somewhere…where was it? Oh yeah:


He's not quite out of the woods yet, is he? Here's another bad view of (mostly) the same outfit (different shoes): cumberbatchweb(.)tumblr(.)com/post/60874436022/benedict-cumberbatch-at-the-entertainment-weekly


I saw this picture and thought the EXACT same thing!

Were y’all worried our beloved MisMatchBatch was gone forever? He’s peeking through…




Gorgeous portraits of Benedict Cumberbatch courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

I LOVE this suit and these photo’s are incredibly handsome. 



Perhaps he'se seen that you're stopping the blog and it's an attempt to lure you back?! Why would anyone wear those shoes?

EYYYYY the shoes are awesome!

I am just not as sure about the white tee underneath open denim-like linen button up underneath grey suit jacket with contrast hemming. each on their own they are good though. but yeah….

Louiseadd: I agree the shoes are awesome and that blazer is awesome, just not together. I think all the stripes kinda clash - too many stripes of different widths!

The striped shoes are cute, but what do you think about this outfit plus the tweed patterned jacket he wore in the other photos from the shoot? I think you've run out of material because you've been blinded by his beauty... He's dressing slightly better but nowhere near perfect. :P

well I just saw those and I will not reblog them because it feels like it would make it sound irresponsible for us to close this blog…..